Serbian.tech News 5 questions for… Aleks Covic

5 questions for… Aleks Covic

5 questions for… Aleks Covic September 7, 2020Leave a comment
5 questions for... Alex Covic

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About Aleks Covic

Alex is an entrepreneur and consultant for the development of digital products that are guided by the user and business needs. He has spent the past decade building and scaling global startups, helping entrepreneurs work with accelerators, and launching new products for traditional organizations.

Through its consulting practice untangle.digital works with startups and traditional organizations throughout the life cycle of digital products and services. Since September this year, he has been leading product development for Savor.

A special thank you to Epson and Nova Iskra for supporting the podcast.

5 questions for supported by Epson5 pitanja za... is filmed in Nova Iskra






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