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5 questions for… Milos Damjanovic

5 questions for… Milos Damjanovic November 30, 2020Leave a comment
5 questions for Milos Damjanovic OneAssesment featured

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About Milos Damjanovic

Milos deals with the development of Analytica One’s business by setting up a sales strategy, sales plan, marketing channel, and sales team. His task is to present solutions and negotiate with decision makers and internationally build a presence and One Assessment brand. He has been a member of the team since August 2020. He previously worked in the position of Project Manager from 2015 to 2020 at DEKRA, a German HR employment agency. His original task was to sell agency employment and employment mediation services. As the need arose for further development and management of the company’s profit center, which was engaged in the implementation of market research and promotion services, I was given the task by the company’s management to continue to develop the team and lead that sales channel.

Analytica One is a Serbian startup, founded at the end of 2017, whose focus is the development of solutions based on machine learning in order to assess human resources and optimize business processes. Analytica One integrates the knowledge of psychologists, psychometricians, data scientists, and IT professionals.

Currently present with offices in Serbia, Slovenia, and Belgium.

Analytica One has developed a software solution, the HR platform One Assessment, designed to optimize the recruitment and selection process, with a focus on automation, collaborative work of the team participating in the recruitment process, and improving the experience of candidates in the selection process. The platform is based on a new generation of psychometric tests developed by our team of psychologists.

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