Serbian.tech News 5 questions for… Vladimir Jelic

5 questions for… Vladimir Jelic

5 questions for… Vladimir Jelic September 28, 2020Leave a comment
SerbianTech podcast guest Vladimir Jelic

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About Vladimir Jelic

With over a decade in the domestic IT industry, Vladimir witnessed great changes. Starting as a programmer and a designer in what will become one of the most recognizable domestic tech companies and following a career path as a VP of Operations of the company of over 150 employees.

Noticing the gap in employees benefit program he started Benefiti, a marketplace-as-a-service where employees can create their perfect benefits package which is in the employer’s budget. Creating software for personalized, flexible, and measurable benefits is something he is very proud of.

A special thank you to Epson and Nova Iskra for supporting the podcast.

5 questions for supported by Epson5 pitanja za... is filmed in Nova Iskra






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