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About Us

Bridging the success of businesses and people.


Serbian.tech was founded on the belief that Serbian technology and solutions should be harnessed to foster the success of the people worldwide.

Our mission is an initiative committed to everyone who works on a startup idea or established IT companies from Serbia as well as foreign companies with branches in Serbia.

We are a place for all the entrepreneurs, developers and designers, associations and IT communities.

We believe in the necessity to promote Serbian IT ecosystem internationally in order to generate economic value and create a need for more jobs.

A team of doers & makers

If it was easy everyone would do it! Once you are in the company of doers and makers everything will seem possible.

Global scale and agility

For nearly 4 years we have pursued this belief – nothing can sell a project like a live presentation in front of a relevant audience. Solving challenges is not an easy thing so our goal is to simplify the process and make you look great in front of the potential buyer, investor, or just users intrigued by your product.

Our pioneering work and high-touch service and friendly approach have been recognized by many. Though we specialize in technically intensive and complex projects, our goal is simple: help businesses and people thrive.

How we work

Our staff constantly evaluate the best conferences and networking opportunities.

We provide shared pavilion which represents the finest companies and products from Serbia. With over 6 years of experience, we’ll ensure you’re getting the best guidance. For established businesses, startups and individuals.

We have over 6 years experience showcasing on international conferences
The enthusiastic team is always there to help.
We ensure you get the optimum results.
Legacy of innovation

A Legacy of Innovation

Privately owned, publicly listed and public sector clients come to us for our skills and industry capabilities but also for our different way of working. Our partners and teams invest the time to truly understand your business, giving real insight and a fresh perspective to keep you moving.


The Serbian.tech team is home to leaders in Serbian IT sector who uphold our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Whether a business has domestic or international aspirations, Serbian.tech can help you to unlock your potential for growth. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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