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Attendees screening

Attendees screening and initial introduction are of the great importance to our partners, therefore we take it very seriously.

We use several techniques to screen and introduce a perfect pair to your business. Whether if you are looking for business partner, investor, fund or simply users for your product, we are here to help you seek them out.

A good clients’ network is important to us.

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Screening and initial introduction service consist of several stages every attendee goes through by our team. From identification of the potentially interested party, through creating personas and initiating contact.

You must admit you never went to a conference this prepared.

Our responsibility is to identify attendees and their habits. Know what they do and why they are coming to the conference. Once we have key information it will be easy to take the next step

Once we know the attendee we can create a persona to make it easier to approach the attendee with relevant information about the exhibitor. With the valuable information from the previous step, this will help us create a database to match only the perfect pairs.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to contact and communicate with someone. We make sure to use different channels of communication to reach out to the potential persona and initiate contact.

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