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IT companies (SMEs) are the biggest wealth of every country.

Small and Medium Size enterprises, especially in the tech sector, are the entities every country nurture and support. These IT companies employ a number of skilled programmers, designers, project managers, and other experts to offer full development cycle.

SMEs in IT work very hard to position on ever-growing tech market and compete with a number of emerging countries in IT. SerbianTech can help tech SMEs by providing business development consulting and creating ideas for expanding the number of partners and clients for their product or service.

We identified some challenges that domestic tech companies are facing and we are working to provide solutions.

  • Web and mobile outsourcing development model – low price
  • Sales channels and sales strategy are not systematically defined
  • Low budgets for branding and exposure


  • Positioning on market as a trusted partner
  • Brand recognition and awareness
  • We act as an external sales sector
  • Lowering expenses of the exhibition
IT company room

Serbian.tech is driven by creating value for the partner IT companies.

Lowering expenses of the exhibition while keeping visibility, initial contact of the attendees and driving relevant people to the booth, pre-conference preparations, promo material, social media buzz.

Partnering with the event organization we can offer better ticket and booth pricing as well as negotiate shared space where each company can have their own space without losing visibility.

IT companies usually assign someone from the existing staff to prepare the event. But it is usually not that simple with all the ongoing work. Our experience and knowledge can come in handy if you are open to using external associates.

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