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Our People

Idea creator and CEO of serbian.tech, Vladimir has over 11 years experience working in Serbian IT area and visited over 40 conferences worldwide.

Vladimir has never been satisfied with the number of Serbian IT companies exhibiting at international conferences.

In the constant search for new business opportunities and in concern to Serbian IT ecosystem, he to founded Serbian.tech. An initiative dedicated to bring more value to domestic IT companies and startups and also position Serbia as the leader of the fourth industrial revolution in the region.

Under our flagship, Serbian companies will be able to explore and conquer new frontiers, be pioneers of innovative technology and disruptive solutions in new markets worldwide.

Serbian.tech serves domestic industry on global markets and continuously broadening services to meet the needs of the clients. Expanding our clients’ portfolio is a great way to provide a more holistic service offering to our clients.

founder of serbian.tech

Vladimir Jelic

Idea creator and CEO

I started serbian.tech believing in the idea that domestic technology can be recognized more worldwide. We carefully select companies to highlight the finest tech from Serbia.

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