SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Anja Varnicic

Podcast 5 questions for… Anja Varnicic

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"5 questions for..." Anja Varnicic

Anja Varnicic

UrbiGo, cofounder
CEO and Co-Founder of UrbiGo.
UrbiGo is a Serbian green tech company that creates the first-ever smart home device for growing herbs, spices, and even mini veggies in urban homes and offices. Together with her team, Anja started pursuing the mission to bring a self-sustainable green corner in every urban condo with the help of the latest tech. She is passionate about both environment and tech and is voted one of the top 10 female founders in Serbia and the region (by EuStartups).
Anja has mentored dozens of local startups and led her team to the first round of financing by Innovation Fund in Serbia and Startup Yard, one of the leading seed accelerators in the EU.
🌱UrbiGo has launched a new series of automated and smart nano gardens to the market – UrbiGo 2.0!

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