SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Dragana Jovcic

Podcast 5 questions for… Dragana Jovcic

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"5 questions for..." podcast with Dragana Jovcic

Dragana Jovcic

Uradi-zaradi, cofounder

Executive director and co-founder of the startup Uradi-zaradi (www.uradi-zaradi.rs)

Uradi-zaradi is an online platform that in an easy and safe way finds help for chores (house cleaning and ironing jobs). Founders like to say that Uradi-zaradi is actually AirBnB for small household chores. They enable busy professionals, mothers with small children, pregnant women, and others to find a reliable person for this kind of work while helping students, unemployed, and everyone with some spare time a way to earn money easily and safely.

Dragana wants to change the world and human experience in every way and most of all in digital. She is dedicated to customers and making them happy while using her platform. She has a degree in political science and before the startup, she didn’t expect to be an entrepreneur. She has been dealing with sales and customers earlier in career and believes that made it easier for her to work in a startup. Dragana was named one of the 10 best founders in Serbia and the region (EuStartups).

She was a participant in various programs and workshops. As a mentor, she transfers her experience and knowledge in developing a startup. Dragana was a mentor to business beginners and social entrepreneurs. She participated in many programs for empowering women and encouraging them to enter entrepreneurship. She is a passionate workaholic and love dynamics.

She managed to contribute to the startup through the growth and development of users, growth of almost 100%, investment, and promotion.

Uradi-zaradi has released a new version of the site with card payments and we believe that this is the way to your free time!

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