SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Jovan Tisma

Podcast 5 questions for… Jovan Tisma

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5 questions for... Jovan Tisma

Jovan Tisma

Startup Genome Ambassador

Jovan Tisma hasn’t actually been everywhere, is unlikely to have actually done everything, and probably doesn’t know exactly everyone. It just seems that way most of the time.

Jovan’s career spans a vast panoply of fields: from the entertainment sector through tech to high finance. He also has experience with just about every size of company from the leanest of startups to vast multinational conglomerates. Wherever he went and whatever he did, Jovan demonstrated his trademark competence, confidence, and pioneering spirit. A lawyer by education, Jovan’s latest interest is in formulating regulatory and legislative frameworks to make the wild world of blockchain-based technologies serve our collective needs safely, effectively, and reliably.

His role in Waykichain, that of EMEA Business Director, leverages his vast experience, peerless competence, and an almost intuitive grasp of the inner logic of business to help Waykichain with sustainable, healthy, effective growth. Also as a StartupGenome ambassador Jovan connecting startup leaders, community builders, and key startup support organizations and programs in Serbia. Actions consist of building a local Startup Genome community around the “Startup Agora” concept: casual, but exclusive encounters for local ecosystem leaders to meet, build trust, and collaborate.

Also, Jovan is President of Working Group for Evaluation and Coordination of the Implementation of Innovative Solutions for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases COVID-19 formed by the Minister of Innovation and Technological Development Republic of Serbia.

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