SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Milan Simic

Podcast 5 questions for… Milan Simic

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Milan Simic on "5 questions for..." podcast

Milan Simic

Enetel Solutions, CEO

Milan Simić has been the CEO of Enetel Solutions since October 2019.

He is 44 years old and has a two-decade long experience in strategic and tactical leadership as a member of the Executive Board, CIO, and CDO of companies with thousands of employees and millions of users.

During his career, he worked on the cloud, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, IoT, CRM, ERP, AI, MA, and big data projects, as well as developing digital products and services in telecommunications, banking, pharmacy, insurance, and government. He was a member of aM&A teams. He participated in setting up new operations in different EU and North American countries, leading digital transformation through ML/AI initiatives in production and agriculture.

He is active in over 20 companies as a mentor.

He consistently achieves sustainable change and has a reputation for creating scalable, resilient, and fit-for-purpose ICT infrastructure and support that drive operational efficiencies, business transformation, and performance excellence.

Milan is a skilled communicator, regularly presents keynote speeches and attends panel discussions, and is often sought out for his opinions on emerging technologies and industry direction, including Industrial Revolution 4.0.

He is married and has two children and as he says, much of what he does and his thoughts are
shaped by his family.
As he says, reading is his passion although he often buys more books than he can read and enrolls in more online courses than he can complete. Basically, as he points out, he believes that if you stop learning new things, you will stop doing good and useful things over time.

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