SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Nikola Nenadic

Podcast 5 questions for… Nikola Nenadic

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Nikola Nenadic

pigmyTITAN, Founder

Nikola Nenadić is the founder of the pygmyTITAN startup. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

Before founding the startup, he worked at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute in managerial positions. He led a development team of 20 engineers, who developed more than 35 products – for clients from around the world. Nikola founded the EMC laboratory Idvorski at this Institute, which continues to operate successfully.

After ten years of working at the Institute, Nikola left this position to launch his startup. He sees the construction of startups as the materialization of an idea – the transformation of fantasy into reality, and that is a very demanding process. In the process, he had to learn many new things, especially about the market in which they operate and about which he knew nothing at first.

The product his startup is currently developing is Igigi Shopping Assistant. It transforms a physical point of sale into a means of communicating directly with consumers and understanding their behavior.

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