SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Predrag Paunovic

Podcast 5 questions for… Predrag Paunovic

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Predrag Paunvic

Poduhvat, cofounder

Predrag is a co-founder of Poduhvat and a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in developing of advanced technologies.
His professional activity started with SVETLOST agency where he combined the need for marketing and passion for advanced technology and architecture. His activities included full-scale innovation hub New product developer concurring Hi-End state of the art architectural projects. Complete visionary outlook and design supervising concerning wider socioeconomic consequences in large-scale implementation. Moreover, his duties included market research, understanding market structuralization, and future development at national and regional levels.
Organization and preparation of a full-scale national marketing campaign including all media aspects. Business aspect deals made for some of the biggest Serbian and international companies. Since 2010 he is an active contributor to Poduhvat where he is responsible for development strategy, market Insight, and marketing policy. A senior level executive concerning development and implementation
of state of the art renewable energy projects. His research and activity include global potential analyses, market research, socioeconomic analyses as well as Investor related communication.
He is a future trend analyst and researcher with an emphasis on market development and regional implementation. One of its interests includes a general visionary outlook concerning oceans as future human habitation hubs.

Predrag is the holder of multiple international patents as well as awards and recognition including:

  • Climate Smart Urban Development Challenge – The Best Idea Award April – 2018
  • NEW ENERGY FORUM – Winner – EXPO 2017
  • Balkan Venture Forum- Winner- 2012

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