SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Zoran Vujkov

Podcast 5 questions for… Zoran Vujkov

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Zoran Vujkov

Agile Coach and Scrum Master

Zoran Vujkov is an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer since 2008. Zoran is a Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Certified LeSS Practitioner, and Certified SAFe Practitioner. Zoran has helped teams to deliver better products faster and continuously improve. He has a proven record of moving organizations from traditional (waterfall) to the Agile way of software development using frameworks like Scrum, Scrumban, Kanban, LESS, Scaled Scrum, Nexus, SAFe).

Zoran’s very good understanding of Software development is based on 25 years’ experience in the Software industry working for different companies as a Software Engineer, Team Leader, Technical Leader, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach.

He likes different Agile frameworks (SCRUM, XP, Scrumban, Kanban), but it is always open-minded towards new Agile ideas. Most Agile frameworks, in particular Scrum, are lightweight, easy to understand, but mastery comes with successful implementation. Scrum framework similar like other frameworks, if used properly, can work, and the real deal is to understand the organization’s needs and find the right approaches to it.

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