SerbianTech Podcast 5 questions for… Luka Pejovic

Podcast 5 questions for… Luka Pejovic

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Luka Pejovic ventu.rs

Luka Pejovic

Director of Ventu.rs

Luka Pejovic, CFA is the Director of Ventu.rs. A platform, which was created as a joint project of the audit and consulting company BDO Serbia and pioneers of crowd investing in Austria, CONDA.

Through its work in the Serbian market, the BDO team has repeatedly encountered the challenges of small businesses and startups caused by a lack of adequate funding sources. Frequently facing similar challenges, the idea was born to offer young companies an innovative financial service and thus solve, or at least mitigate, their funding problem. The Austrian partners brought their technology and experience gained through pioneering work in the German-speaking field, and BDO their local expertise and partner network.

The result is Ventu.rs, a platform that offers a complete suite of services needed to drive and fund growth.

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