Serbian.tech Tech and IT education

Tech and IT education

Tech and IT education is one of our main activities and something we pay most attention to.

The goal is to constantly educate all the key stakeholders in Serbian tech market. In era of 4th industrial revolution, everything is changing lightning fast. Staying on top of the game and being leader of change is only possible with education of key stakeholders and being in line with the trends.

Educational areas we cover range from entrepreneurship promotion, sales tools, social media best practices, startups, business models, digital transformation and more.

We know broad knowledge is not working in IT anymore, so we are focusing on bringing deep, practical knowledge and experience on every lecture, workshop or content we produce.

By being in organization of several Serbian tech and IT events we are bringing valuable knowledge sharing platforms between domestic and international stakeholders.

SerbianTech offers seminar content in the fields of Open data, entrepreneurship promotion, idea validation, business models, business process automation.

Being part of conference core organization or working as external partner we bring experience and fresh ideas to the table.

Our experience covers B2B conferences, startup as well as B2C events.

Serbian Tech is devoted to creating communities around every important topic and educating community members about important questions.

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