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Tech startups are the foundation of successful IT company.

Everyone knows how important it is for a startup to have a diverse team to the extent where they can function well. But each team member must have a field to deal with. In practice, the most common case is that business or marketing is missing, so we have an exceptional product that no one knows exists.

SerbianTech wants to help such startups by providing business development consulting and creating ideas for expanding the network of potential partners and users of your innovative product or service.

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Besides the innovative idea tech startups also need visibility and presence on the global market, all with limited budgets.

Serbian.tech enables attendance to all major international tech events with lower prices. Also offering additional services:

  • Preparing for the conference
  • Contacting the target group
  • Meetings support
  • Social networks posting

Preparing for the IT event is a complex thing in the sense that you need to integrate a variety of things to be ready on the day of the event. You can focus on product development while leaving us graphics design, booth preparation, brochures, business cards and promotional materials, roll up, landing pages (LP), banners, etc.

Contacting a large number of people before the conference ensures that you have plenty of appointments scheduled and a lot of potential business. However, you do not need to waste time on meetings with companies that are not your target group. We can schedule meetings with companies according to the criteria you specify to maximize attendance at the conference

Too many meetings can confuse even the most experienced sales person. We provide meetings support by sending a short overview of the person and company with whom you have a meeting just in time before the meeting. This way, you are always up to date with the upcoming meeting and you can construct a unique sales proposal.

If you are visiting a conference, it is very important that you follow it with posts on social networks to maximize your presence. If you do not have ideas or time to post, we’ll do that part for you.

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