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Serbian.tech helps Businesses succeed. Start-ups go beyond. Entrepreneurs prosper.

Bring your Business to everyone's eyes.


For nearly twelve years, we have taken a personal approach to highly technical projects in complex markets worldwide.

Serbian.tech is a professional services firm. We deliver solutions to Serbian companies seeking to expand into foreign markets as well as startups looking to pitch their perfect products. Prospecting and offering only the finest international conferences at great rates is what our mission is. At Serbian.tech we are committed to long term relationships.

Evaluation of conferences

Audit and exhibition space

The goal is to pick only the best and relevant conferences that will suit your business. Our shared pavilion minimize the cost of exhibiting.

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Business introduction

Attendees screening and initial introduction

Who is coming to the conference? We are here to make sure you make most of the conference! With pre-conference preparations, attendees screening and initial introduction, you will have 80% work done before you even got there.

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Noncompetitive exhibitors

Noncompetitive synergy

Conference space is the arena itself so we want to make sure there is no competition at the booth. Carefully picked noncompetitive companies will be exhibiting at each conference

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Three reasons why you should be working with us!

Exhibit favorably
Our shared pavilion will have just enough space and give you exposure for fraction of the price
Experienced marketer
We at Serbian.tech have years of experience in organizing promotion of domestic company on foreign markets
Keep eating popcorns
Structured, guided, well-prepared exposure and our rounded offer is designed to maximize the presence at each conference.
serbian-tech founder - Vladimir

“We have over 10 years of experience in IT industry and more than 4 years organizing conferences for proven IT company."

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