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SerbianTech association offers different membership types for startups, companies, investors, and institutions.

Our goal is to be a single point for startups, investors, companies, and mentors by connecting them with each other so we can all grow and build an emerging entrepreneurial community.

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Are you an individual/entrepreneur, company, investor, or institution interested in taking advantage of the benefits that SerbianTech offers to its members? Then become a SerbianTech community member today and be part of a vibrant tech ecosystem.

Discover our membership types below and choose the one that suits you best. The full membership for startups and the supporting membership for mentors is free of charge!

Companies and institutions, are welcome to become a supporting member. Our supporting members are fueling the community with knowledge, expertise and experience. Your benefits:

  • Discover Serbian startup ecosystem
  • Up-to-date on the latest trends in the SerbianTech startup community
  • Exchange ideas and opportunities for your own business
  • Higher visibility in the SerbianTech startup community
  • Be involved in our “Powered by SerbianTech” communities and respected events
  • Gain access to SerbianTech community platform
  • Discover and be promoted on the local and international events, meetups, and gatherings
  • Get up to 25% discounted access/booths for paid local and international events
  • Invite for Partner dinner events
  • Exposure of your brand (logo) on our website
  • Up to 2 personalized posts per year on SerbianTech social media channels and promoted on social media
  • Up to 2 SerbianTech video interviews with the company representative
  • Up to 2 SerbianTech podcast interviews with the company representative

Become a member and fill in the application form today. The SerbianTech Support Membership for companies and institutions starts at 400,00 €/year

A full startup membership is available for young companies in Serbia, especially those having or developing an innovative business approach via digital or tech solutions. Your benefits:

  • Learning, collaborating, and sharing experiences through curated activities, events and programs
  • Connect with other founders, get access to the Serbian tech startup community
  • Become visible for investors on our map, startup logo-wall and your detailed startup profile
  • Get higher visibility for press and media people with your own press kit on SerbianTech
  • Support the Serbian startup culture and community with your membership and entrepreneurial spirit

Become a member and fill in the application form today. SerbianTech offers the membership as a startup free of charge (0,00 €/year)

A Mentor Membership is for serial entrepreneurs or experienced senior executives, who want to share their expertise on entrepreneurship with member startups on a voluntary basis. Your benefits:

  • The personal satisfaction of being able to give back to the community
  • To practice your managerial skills and guide your entrepreneur/startup through a key stage
  • A fresh perspective on your own career
  • You’ll learn as much from your mentee as they do from you
  • You’ll be involved in a community of mentors and be able take part in our networking events

Become a mentor and join the mentor membership. While you won’t get paid for being a mentor, there is no membership fee (0,00/year). Fill in the mentor register form today.

Membership as an Investor is for individuals or companies who are providing capital and network for startups. Important for young companies and a stimulating part for the Startup Community in general. Your benefits:

  • Get a strong connection to Serbian tech startup community and ecosystem
  • You’ll be involved in SerbianTech powered communities and be able take part in our branded events
  • Gain access to Serbian tech community platform
  • A fresh view on new Serbian startups and startup ideas
  • Invite to our partner dinner events
  • Exposure your company on our map and our website

Become an Investor member and fill in the application form today. The Investor support membership fee is 300,00 €/year

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