SerbianTech About Us

About Us

Bridging the success of local tech ecosystem.


SerbianTech is devoted to connect, promote and educate stakeholders of tech ecosystem.

SerbianTech started in 2017 as an informal community while being raised on 10 years carreer of its founder in Serbian IT industry.

We managed to quickly mobilize many relevant stakeholders in the field of IT, technology startups and new technologies in Serbia in last three years. Founder of Serbian.tech is Vladimir Jelić, experienced professional in the IT industry, as well as great reputation and connections with major stakeholders in Serbia.

So far, SerbianTech was partner of many domestic IT companies and technology startups on their promotion on international events in Europe and US, partner of many local and international technology conferences, and it also organizes several community events.

Officially, SerbianTech is registered as NGO in 2019.

We are here to help you grow!

Create a community around your brand and be present among target groups relevant to your business.

Our mission

Creating trusted partnerships with domestic and international connections, educating public about potential of IT, and promoting domestic tech solutions.

We are committed to gather Serbian tech ecosystem startups, IT companies, tech communities, funds and entrepreneurs under one roof, which will allow everyone to connect, share ideas and experiences, start joint projects, educate and promote.

With the strong belief in the necessity to promote Serbian IT industry we further promote Serbia as a trusted global partner when it comes to technology solutions, startups and innovative ideas.

Our vision

Interconnected Serbian tech ecosystem able to answer ever growing need of trusted partners and innovative solutions.

Our goals

  • Education on topics of technology and IT
  • Education on topics of entrepreneurship
  • Organizing events to connect key stakeholders from the industry
  • Promoting domestic companies, startups, and entrepreneurs internationally
  • Informing public about latest tech discoveries
  • Connecting key stakeholders from area of innovation, technical and technological development

How we work

We are partnering with the best hubs and coworking spaces, domestic, regional and international tech events, IT companies, startups, funds and communities through various initiatives and enabling one platform for whole Serbian tech industry.

Positioned locally and globally with over 12 years in the industry
Doing what we love is key to our success.
Focusing on results for us and our partners.

Investing in our Legacy

The future depends of what we leave behind us. That is why we want to help our partners, IT companies, startups, entrepreneurs, communities, and funds to build long lasting business relationships and position as trusted partners on global market.


Tell us about the challenges you face and we will do the best to help.

Whether your business has domestic or international aspirations, SerbianTech will help you unlock your potential for growth. Get in touch today and let’s discuss how we can help.

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