Cube Payments

Project Overview

We worked alongside the team at Cube Payments to deliver a professional implementation of an improved payment offering and delivered an increased up-tick in user involvement and usage.


December 2019

Adam Chan

Project Head


Extending payment offering

As a forward-thinking business this global payment services provider uncovered a way to complement their existing European payment by offering Direct Debits. As a way to optimize their service portfolio and unlock new business potential, the client offered their customers Direct Debit as an additional payment method in Europe while receiving the revenue in their designated currency, no matter where the customer was located.

However, with little expertise in handling direct debits in Europe, this Global Payment Service Provider looked to Accentuate as their full-service partner – capable of providing Direct Debit and related services (reconciliation-to-reporting) in key European countries. The service was required on a white label basis so that it could be provided as part of the processing suite.


White label and reliable

In Accentuate the client found a full-service partner who was reliable, efficient and skilled in the creation of the tailor made service they required. To facilitate the white label service, Accentuate would receive real-time and offline bank account validation requests and process direct debit settlement files from the client on behalf of their merchants.

Accentuate tailored the program even further by selecting partner banks in Europe and opening trust accounts on behalf of the client as well as setting up and managing the local payment and information flow. As a result, the client could rest assured that Accentuate adhered to all local banking requirements and regulations for each country – and, or, bank.

Accentuate’s services and approach were perfectly integrated and aligned
with the clients processing suite, enabling them to provide a complementary payment offering to their global merchant base.


A full-service partnership
  • Collection of over £98 million on behalf of the clients merchants since 2015 annual growth rate of 25% with regards to transactions.
  • Improved cash flow and reduced Days Sales Outstanding.
  • Reduce of fraud and late payments.
  • Upgrade of security standard based on Accentuate’s certifications and experience.

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