SerbianTech The Next Web 2018 – We’re heading to another exciting tech event

The Next Web 2018 – We’re heading to another exciting tech event

the next web amsterdam 2018
Tech event

Serbian.tech team is on the road again. This time we’re heading to Amsterdam to attend The Next Web 2018, a renowned conference on technology and innovation. Our expectations are high and we’re hoping to gather valuable experience and discover the world’s IT trends.

IT event date

May 2018


Vladimir Jelic


What is The Next Web 2018

A development of complex technologies, such as AI and Blockchain, is shaping the today’s industries in many ways. TNW 2018 aims to foster quality conversation about those technologies, raise deeper awareness of using them in various industries and professions and inspire change.

The main motto of the conference Innovation through Inspiration defines a new direction for a modern business. Technology is no longer just a separate industry. We should use it as a driver for growth. Technology-driven business is a modern keyword and a sign of the constant change and innovation. Changes in technology should inspire change in every single industry it affects.

TNW 2018 is definitely the next step towards the evolution of business and constant innovation. Deep-dive group sessions, amazing keynote speakers, and high-quality networking will hopefully inspire attendees to greater efforts and change.

Like the former TNWs, TNW 2018 helps to bring the right people together by offering exhibition opportunities and facilitating business meetings. This year’s conference has gathered more than 15000 attendees and 3500 companies and thus created a perfect ecosystem in which businesses and experts alike could connect and take innovation to a whole new level.

We cannot wait to arrive and listen to some of the world’s top minds on business.

About us

Serbian.tech is a domestic business dedicated primarily to helping Serbian SMEs in a promotion, offering worldwide tech events at a lower price. How do we achieve that?

1) Shared exhibition booths

We’ve noticed a huge gap in a number of conferences and number of Serbian IT companies exhibiting. The costs for attending and exhibiting greatly discourage Serbian SMEs from promoting abroad.

We’ve found a solution by offering shared exhibition booths. They significantly cut down the costs of the exhibition at high-profile conferences, but also provide better opportunities to network and reach more of a target audience. Each company has its own corner for promotion and presentation.

2) Additional support

We help companies prepare for the conference, scheduling meetings with clients, attendees screening and bringing target groups to your exhibition area… A variety of our services ensures that you promote your business as easy as possible and get the optimal exposure.

Why do we visit the most famous worldwide tech events?

Every tech event we visit is a wonderful opportunity to meet new prospects. However, we strive to improve our services and ourselves constantly and therefore we use those opportunities to:

  • Discover new ideas and perform case studies
  • Learn from top experts in the field
  • Network with other businesses and meet new experts alike

As the technology changes, the modern world changes as well and we have to keep up.

If you feel connected to our mission or you think some of your colleagues might find this article interesting, feel free to share it with your network. We’ll soon share valuable insights from the TNW 2018 and also results of our case study.

Follow our page and make sure not to miss it!

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