SerbianTech Case Studies Empowering Serbian communitites

Empowering Serbian communitites

Project Overview

What’s a better way to support the community than to organize gatherings to help people thrive?

SerbianTech was engaged to help run and scale the tech communities as well as support the monthly meetups. The goal was to enrich the local ecosystem with two different topics for meetups, where people can benefit personally and professionally. 

IT event date

October 2019


Vladimir Jelic

Project Head


Lost of interest to run community

Running a community is hard work and it might end up as a full time work on creating successful gathering and knowledge sharing events.

Linkedin Local Belgrade is a monthly meetup with the idea to gather people behind profiles in the real world to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collaborate. The initial organizer wasn’t interested in continuing to develop the community due to a lack of time.

Google Developer Group Beograd is the official GDG with a focus on technology. The initial organizer had the challenge to organize meetup space, choose speakers, and further grow the community.


Partnering and/or acquisition of the community

SerbianTech and BalkanUP entered a reliable and efficient partnership to support the further growth of the LinkedIn Local Belgrade community.

While we totally took over Google Developer Group Beograd.

  • Selecting several venues for monthly meetups
  • Partnering with companies to support communities with meetup space, catering, and drinks
  • Selecting speakers for each event
  • Brainstorming event topics
  • Selecting the best channels to communicate with the community
  • Promoting event
  • Organizing photo and video shooting of the event
  • Creating promo material from the content
  • Giving the community the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and networking


Pros of working with SerbianTech
  • Dedicated event team
  • Database of relevant organizations, companies, and startups
  • Full organization of meetups and gatherings
  • Fully outsourced cycle


Regular community events and growth
  • Growth of communities
  • Regular monthly gatherings/meetups
  • Strong partnerships with companies
  • Audio, photo and video material available for later viewing and promotion for future events
  • Increased number of interested people for meetups

“Alone, we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

And here we are, striving to unite and build strong communities.

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