SerbianTech Case Studies LKNet – Ice Breakers

LKNet – Ice Breakers

Project Overview

How LKnet with Serbian.tech services had astonishing lead generation during the event and made their B2B conversion skyrocket!

IT event date

April 2018


Vladimir Jelic

Project Head


First-time exhibition

A young and ambitious team set goals to position the company as a trusted partner in 2018 for ever-growing Web and mobile development needs and to show their genuine interest to improve client’s business processes.
The problem was lack of experience as exhibitors at events and how to choose the perfect match for them.

Most people believe if you have great product or service, buyers will come to you anyway, or whatever event you choose to exhibit you will succeed with your product, but we know that’s not true.

To achieve our goal of reaching a highly-specific target audience and presenting our services we had to make some extra steps before we could actually show up at the show.

Step #1 – Events, events everywhere.. but which one?

Part of the effort went into selecting worldwide IT events and choosing the right one.

Step #2 – How do we look? How will they see us?

We immediately started redesigning the website and creating a more up-to-date look and feel with SVG images, animations, and clear sections.
Other parts involved creating case studies for the platforms they already developed and formatting them for the website as well as a downloadable PDF.

Step #3 – S.S.P. ( screening, scheduling, preparing )

We did a detailed screening of the companies (on and off the event) based on the client’s criteria and scheduled a lot of meetings to achieve maximum results of our 10 days stay in Dubai.
Then we prepared promo material design and print brochures, business cards, and a roll-up.
Preparation was also consultation, based on our previous experience, we gave the insight into how to.

Step #4 – Oh yes, we are going too, not just materials!

Finally, we used many sources to find a great accommodation comparing price and quality, also for airline tickets.


Pre-conference and on-site support.

Serbian.tech was recognized as a reliable, efficient and skilled partner to support company goals in 2018. To meet the needs of our client we had to offer several services as a package which includes:

  • Promo material brainstorming
  • Promo material printing
  • Screening of relevant Dubai based companies
  • Mail campaign to schedule meetings
  • Support during exhibition
  • Meetings support

We went a step further and offered on-site support during the exhibition as well as support for the meetings which we don’t do by default. As a result, the client could rest assured that Serbian.tech events experience is by the booth and we can jump in the critical situations.

SerbianTech event services and approach were seamlessly integrated and aligned with the clients brand enabling them to have a great exposure and successful first-time exhibition.


Number of highly targeted leads with a personal approach
  • Over 20 meetings on the conference plus over 30 meetings off the conference.
  • Face to face meetings with the leads (leaving personal approach).
  • Opening new market – GCC
  • Opening new niche – Fintech, banking
  • Visibility (10.000+ attendees)

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