SerbianTech Case Studies Quantox Technology – Ace up your sleeve

Quantox Technology – Ace up your sleeve

Project Overview

How did a domestic IT company seeking attendance support open up a new niche?

IT event date

December 2019


Vladimir Jelic

Project Head


No dedicated personnel to attend the exhibition

Since the company was new in the industry and this exhibiting was at the leading industry worldwide IT event, we had a real challenge ahead of us. We had to make sure we represent them as a trusted and knowledgeable vendor in the best possible way.
Great exhibiting at the events always requires the right preparation and many pre-event activities.
Visibility – We wanted to be seen and our voice to be heard.
If you believe in first impressions then you know how to make it. Our goal was to create brand awareness and to send a trusted message so that the company will be recognized in the future.
Real lead – deal – It’s crucial for every company to be matched with the right company, so that potential lead can be converted into a client. We did a very detailed screening of relevant companies and scheduled the maximum amount of meetings to meet our goals.


Pre-conference and on-site support.

Serbian.tech was recognized as a reliable, efficient and skilled partner to support company goals in 2019. To meet the needs of our client we offered package of services which includes:

  • Screening of relevant companies which are attending the event
  • Outreach campaign to schedule meetings at the event
  • Official app campaign to schedule meetings at the event
  • Support during exhibition handing over the promo material
  • Meetings support to present the services and schedule further cooperation negotiations

SerbianTech event services and approach were seamlessly integrated and aligned with the clients brand enabling them to have a great exposure and successful first-time exhibition.

Pros of working with us

Pre-conference and on-site support.
  • Database of relevant companies
  • Engaging additional staff per need (no fixed expenses)
  • Prepared event attendance


Number of highly targeted leads with a personal approach
  • Over 20 meetings at the conference.
  • Face to face meetings with the leads.
  • Opening a new niche – iGaming
  • Visibility (6.000+ attendees)

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