SerbianTech Case Studies SmartCity Festival – Assembly of tomorrow’s designers

SmartCity Festival – Assembly of tomorrow’s designers

SCF19 opening ceremony
Project Overview

We all want to live in smart cities, but how do we achieve that?

Smart City Festival is an international event organized by the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit and partner organizations. Aims to bring experts from various fields of technology and smart cities to Serbia to raise awareness and bring the vision of smart cities to life.

SerbianTech was engaged by the international organization to help organize the event in Belgrade.

IT event date

October 2019


Vladimir Jelic

Project Head


Lack of exhibitors, sponsors, and partners

An international organization is focusing on several aspects which are on their yearly agenda. Monthly meetups, quarter workshops, and yearly conferences are something they do to address these questions.

The main challenge is not having a business relation team for the expo area, didn’t have full-time personnel to organize big conferences and experience in scaling the event.


Dedicated sales team, contacts and meetings

SerbianTech was recognized as a reliable, efficient, and skilled partner to support organization focus in scaling the event year after year. To meet the needs of our partner we engaged in:

  • Creating USP
  • Creating a database of potential exhibitors, partners, and sponsors
  • Initial contact with the prospects via email campaign and social media
  • Attending meetings with the prospects
  • Full organization of the expo zone

SerbianTech event services and approaches were seamlessly integrated and aligned with the client’s brand enabling them to have great exposure and successful expo zone.


Pros of working with SerbianTech
  • Dedicated sales team
  • Database of relevant organizations, companies, and startups
  • Full organization of expo zone
  • Fully outsourced negotiation cycle


Successful expo zone with returning partners
  • 6+ exhibitors first year
  • 10+ exhibitors next year
  • A growing list of partners and sponsors year over year
  • Returning exhibitors, partners and sponsors
  • Visibility (600+ attendees at the event)
  • Community and ecosystem recognition
  • Further positioning of the festival on the market

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