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SerbianTech at WeAreDevelopers

we are developers conference
Project Overview

WeAreDevelopers World Congress has recognized Serbian.tech as a network partner in a mission to gather a large number of developers in the same place at the same time. Also known as Woodstock for developers, this congress offered exceptional lectures, workshops, speakers for nearly 8,000 visitors.

IT event date

April 2018


Vladimir Jelic

Project Head
Marija Jelic

Marija Jelic

Business development


WeAreDevelopers – How to gather 8000 developers in one place

A large number of people in one place is a great challenge and logistics even for experienced organizations. WeAreDevelopers is a Congress that has been growing exponentially for four years and this year it brings together 8,000 developers.

Recognizing Serbian.tech as an initiative that shares a common mission, helping IT companies and individuals international visits or exhibitions more affordable, we come to a partnership.

In agreement with the organizers, we managed to offer 25% tickets discount and more favorable stands for companies that want to position themselves in this circle of a large number of experienced developers.


Event preparation and networking.

Our experience of over 40 international tech events enabled us to prepare well and make a list of goals that we want to achieve at the We Are Devs World Congress. In addition to brilliant speeches and workshops, we allocated a certain amount of time for networking and network expansion.

For the event we prepared:

  • Overview of exhibitor companies
  • How can we cooperate with them?
  • Proposal for cooperation with visitors
  • We agreed on our vision, mission, and plan of action
  • Business cards
  • GoPro Hero 5 black


Expanding the network of contacts
  • Partnership with the company to bring United Nations speaker for the Smartcity Festival which we organize in October
  • A large number of potential remote positions
  • Creating the potential for expanding our service portfolio
  • Visibility at a tech event with 8000 visitors

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