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Presenting startup: OROOK

Presenting startup: OROOK September 24, 2021
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OROOK is a unique employment platform designed according to the needs of the construction industry. By joining the OROOK community of engineers, you will have the opportunity to easily and quickly search and apply for current positions, follow professional blog texts, download the OROOK industry report and attend industry-relevant training. Let’s find out together why we should opt for this particular platform.

Founder and idea of ​​OROOK startup

OROOK is an innovative startup and the initiator of the first specialized platform for connecting employers and professionals working in construction. The idea creator and director of the company is Dr. Miljan Mikić, an engineer with rich academic and practical experience gained in Serbia and abroad.

Dr Mikić

Dr Mikić

Dr. Mikić improved his knowledge and skills in working on numerous projects, especially in project management and cost and time management. As a professional consultant, he assisted in the employment of a large number of highly educated professionals in more than 20 different construction companies.

Until 2019, Dr. Mikić worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade. Today, he lives with his family in Vienna, and in addition to being the CEO of OROOK, he also works as a professor at the University of Leeds in Great Britain.

Many years of experience in the profession, in-depth knowledge of construction, and feedback from colleagues he collaborated with were an inexhaustible treasure trove of valuable information for Dr. Mikić.

Working on large infrastructure and industrial projects has provided the founder of OROOK with a direct insight into the challenges that companies face when hiring engineers (often in a short period). On the other hand, experience in academic work indicated a noticeable lack of a unified, comprehensive overview of jobs offered in the domestic market.

Aware of these problems and how they can be solved, Dr. Mikić decided to establish OROOK with close associates.

The goal of the project was from the beginning to form a community of experts from various fields of construction, to create an overview base of employers and jobs they offer, as well as engineers looking for good jobs in the profession.


According to the experiences of OROOK clients, traditional job advertising channels rarely lead to reliable and sustainable employment in construction. The main cause of this problem lies in the fact that such platforms do not specialize in any particular industry, nor do they offer options for detailed and functional candidate searches.

Spending valuable time that must be invested in a future employee further complicates the work of employers. The time invested in writing advertisements, collecting and analyzing biographies, shortlisting, and organizing interviews does not guarantee success. Most of the applications that arrive are often irrelevant, so human resources departments have to manage in various ways to reach quality engineers.

Verbal recommendations or the use of HR and headhunting agency services can be helpful, but even these methods are not always reliable (nor can any company afford them).

Viewed from an engineer’s point of view, instead of a single base of positions offered in the industry they are interested in, the market offers numerous sources of job information for all sectors, from sales and service industries to medicine and IT. Staying up to date with all the ads on different platforms is very exhausting, and if you are an expert who does not have numerous contacts in the industry, you cannot rely on the recommendations of colleagues and acquaintances when looking for a job.

OROOK is, therefore, conceived as a unique place where only jobs related to the field of construction are offered and sought. The advertisements are unambiguous, information about companies is always available, and it is possible to reach candidates who are not actively looking for a job.

orook sajt

orook sajt

The platform is intended for all actors in construction: construction, mechanical and electrical engineers, architects, and administrative staff interested in this industry. The companies that advertise jobs on the platform are design, construction, or investment, and small and medium-sized companies, as well as large companies and corporations, are represented.


For professionals looking for a job in construction, registering a profile (a step necessary to be able to access the job database) is completely free and relatively simple, as data is mostly entered through drop-down menus and choosing between the options offered.

As a registered user, any engineer can search the database, apply for jobs and communicate directly with potential employers.

orook team

orook team

For companies that advertise their jobs at OROOK, there are four service packages available (Starter, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise), designed to respond to different levels of specific needs of employers. More comprehensive packages are the best choice, as they include special functionalities, additional consulting services, and useful marketing benefits.

In addition to standard services related to facilitating the employment process, OROOK also offers services for efficient resolution of tender positions, as well as liaison with teams of craftsmen and manual workers for all types of construction projects.

What else can we expect?

Courses on current topics such as project management, Eurocode design standards, software such as MS Project, as well as contracting projects according to FIDIC models are available. You can read more about the training on the OROOK blog, while subscribing to the company newsletter brings a monthly overview of the most important information, from new training and jobs on the platform to interesting things from the industry.

After a good start in 2020, 2021 brought new successes and recognitions. OROOK has successfully entered the Austrian market, for which they have already advertised open positions in renowned companies in the DACH region.

Also, this year OROOK was nominated for Best Newcomer by the Global Startup Awards, and they became innovation partners of the Austrian state agency for digitalization of construction – Digital Findet Stadt.

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