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Serbian tech ecosystem media

Promotion is what it takes from having a great product or service to having real customers who buy it.

We do our best to promote Serbian tech ecosystem including IT companies, tech starstups, Serbian tech communities, funds and more through various initiatives raised by us or external partners.

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Some of the formats we developed or developing are events expo, podcasts, youtube interviews and videos, community portals to share experience, social media promotion, news feed and many other.

We help you promote your brand, product and service on all the major tech events in Serbia and abroad.

Listen to your favorite people on the go. Short episodes of quick chat with most prominent people from Serbian tech industry are here to make sure your time past fast during commute, but also hearing valuable insights.

Meet experienced and influential persons from Serbian tech ecosystem by interviews and videos powered by Youtube streaming service.

Our community portal is designed to gather everyone from the Serbian tech industry under one roof and promote exhcange of ideas, experience sharing and networking.

If you are having a ground breaking idea or valuable experience, knowledge or best practice share it on our social media channels and Serbian Tech news feed.

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