SerbianTech Smartcity Festival 2018

Smartcity Festival 2018

Tech event

Serbian.tech is in the organizational board of SmartCity festival 2018. Friedrich Naumann Foundation along with over 50 stakeholders created a platform for networking, knowledge exchange and enjoying.

IT event date

May 2018


Vladimir Jelic


About the conference

Smart city festival 2018 is organized with the idea that key stakeholders from politics, economy, and entrepreneurship should meet in one place.

Our cities are at the forefront of addressing global challenges, like climate change, globalization, and sustainable development. In a shrinking digital world, cities are expected to combining competitiveness and sustainable urban development. The international Smart Cities Festival will offer ideas on how almost every city, anywhere, not only the biggest and wealthiest ones, can step up their game and raise urban quality for citizens and create more competitive eco-systems for local businesses.

SCF18 is organized by a team of versatile people with numerous different backgrounds, joined together by their passion for Smart Cities and the urban development that follows the latest tech marbles.

As world urbanization continues to grow and the total population expected to double by 2050, there exists an increased demand for intelligent, sustainable environments that reduce environmental impact and offer citizens a high-quality life.

About us

Serbian.tech is bridging the gap of domestic IT SMEs and entrepreneurs attendance on tech conferences

A domestic organization dedicated to offering worldwide tech events at a lower price. We noticed the huge gap in the number of IT events worldwide and the number of domestic tech companies attending as exhibitors.

Our solution is to organize shared exhibitor booth where each company will have their corner for the meetings and presentation of their IT products and tech services. Besides that, we offer services such as conference preparation, attendees screening, scheduling meetings, meetings support.

Our services are available regardless of the conference and we will be glad to work with you on generating leads, scheduling meetings or positioning of your brand.

What we look for

Serbian.tech is in the organizational board for the number of reasons.
  • Learning about the challenges of organizing an event
  • Expanding our network of decision makers
  • Entering the Smartcity area as a niche
  • Learning from top experts in their fields
  • Meeting companies interested in our services
  • Networking

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