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Tech startups are the foundation of a successful IT ecosystem.

Everyone knows how important it is for a startup to have a diverse team to the extent where they can function well. But each team member must have a field to deal with. In practice, the most common cause is that business or marketing is missing, so we have an exceptional product that no one knows exists.

SerbianTech wants to help such startups by providing business development consulting and creating ideas for expanding the network of potential partners and users of your innovative product or service.

Serbian tech ecosystem infographic

Besides the innovative idea tech startups also need visibility and presence on the global market, all with limited budgets. That is why we mapped and created an interactive map of our startups which you can find below.

If you wish to access our regularly updated Serbian startups database consider joining as our member.

Who are some of the key stakeholders in the Serbian tech ecosystem that bring value to domestic startups?

We mapped them in the infographic that will help you see and understand the possibilities. There are startups, hubs, events, funds, IT companies, government, communities, and organizations, and more.


Serbian tech ecosystem infographic

If you need a specific introduction or more details don’t hesitate to contact us.

Startups if you would like to share your story with us feel free to reach out. SerbianTech is supporting the visibility of startups in many ways:

  • Mentorships from experts (Soon)
  • Identify and join local communities
  • Share your announcements through our social media channels
  • Conference attendance consulting
  • Identifying and contacting the target group
  • Meetings support consulting

Access our online platform where experts will answer your questions, propose best practices, and help you grow. Stay tuned as we are preparing the launch of this service.

Community is an essential part of every product, company, or organization. We are here to help you identify community to join or consult you on creating your own community.

Send us your product updates, news, PRs, conference attendance, or any other announcement you would like us to publish on our channels or blog which will help you reach more people.

Preparing for the IT event is a complex thing in the sense that you need to integrate a variety of things to be ready on the day of the event. You can focus on product development while leaving us graphics design, booth preparation, brochures, business cards and promotional materials, roll up, landing pages (LP), banners, etc.

Contacting a large number of people before the conference ensures that you have plenty of appointments scheduled and a lot of potential business. However, you do not need to waste time on meetings with companies that are not your target group. We can schedule meetings with companies according to the criteria you specify to maximize attendance at the conference

Once you identified your target group, it is time to reach out and schedule meetings. We are here to help you set the right proposal and unique selling point.

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