SerbianTech Case Studies Serbian.tech at The Next Web 2018 in Amsterdam

Serbian.tech at The Next Web 2018 in Amsterdam

the next web amsterdam 2018
Project Overview

We’ve just got back from another amazing tech event – The Next Web 2018. A number of visitors, exhibitors, and companies rise exponentially every year. This year’s TNW gathered over 15.000 attendees and 350 companies. We had an amazing opportunity to network, learn from some of the world’s leading experts and carry out a case study.

IT event date

May 2018


Vladimir Jelic

Founder Serbian.tech


The Next Web 2018 – more than conference

As we said in our announcement, we expected a lot from this conference. And TNW has really exceeded all of our expectations. We came back inspired and full of fresh ideas.

TNW hosted 19 key sessions (content tracks) on marketing, web design, AI, machine learning, the blockchain, and storytelling. Main keywords were innovation and future. What the future holds for us, how businesses change with technology and how we can shape it through innovation were the top questions.

Amazing speakers made sure that we won’t leave without all our questions answered. Jason Silva, futuristic filmmaker and one of the keynote speakers, at his Future Generations talk, said
“Technology is growing exponentially, but humans tend to think linearly. This means that we simply can’t predict the future of tech. We have to be exponential thinkers to embrace it, so we can author the world we want to live in.”

Here lies the key answer to most of our questions. We have to keep up with technology and change the way we perceive the world. Innovation is the key to progress. And to reach innovation, we have to change our thinking patterns, but also touch the minds of others through storytelling. We have to inspire.

TNW 2018 provided an ecosystem for inspiration, learning, networking, and exhibition. We have certainly found an inspiration, expanded our knowledge and contacts base.


The results of our case study

Of course, besides enjoying wonderful sessions, we used this opportunity to put our ideas into action. Using our previous organizational experience, gathered after more than 40 conferences, we carried out a case study and obtained great results.

Our case study consists of promoting our services, ideas and presenting them to prospects, investors and potential partners.


What did we achieve?
  • We sealed a cooperation agreement with an investment fund from Germany
  • One of our partners sealed a cooperation agreement for the development of a Web platform with a company from the Netherlands
  • We discussed a potential cooperation with a big VC fund. If we seal this agreement, that would bring a $30 million fund.
  • We expanded our network of contacts

Such great results show that companies recognized our mission and the potential of Serbian IT SMEs. We’ll continue promoting our workforce and partnership arrangements by visiting even more events.

If you recognize our mission too, share this article and spread out the word. Follow our page for regular updates and info about prominent conferences and results of our work.

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