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COVID19 Serbian tech guide

COVID19 Serbian tech guide April 1, 2020Leave a comment
Serbian tech vs covid19

Serbian organizations joined against COVID19

As COVID-19 is increasingly creating uncertainty in every aspect of our lives, the Serbian tech ecosystem is battling with making sense of where to turn to for help. Due to the efforts of many institutions, organizations, and companies, we have many initiatives working toward a solution for the situation we are in. How to make it easier for our ecosystem to find all the crisis mitigation resources they need in one place.

All Serbian resources about COVID19 in one place

On this page, you will find all the useful resources and contacts for your startup and your employees in Serbia while facing the main identified challenges. This page will be continually updated by the SerbianTech team and if you have a link you think is relevant please share with us for review: info@serbian.tech.

In our next step, we will be focussing on how we can work with our stakeholders to create solutions and further resources to mitigate the impact COVID-19 is having on the ecosystem.

The essential contacts and information points

Contact points

COVID19- Help desk

Official page

Ministry of Health

Contact numbers :

  • 064/8945-235
  • 011/2684-566
Serbian public health institutes:

Serbian public health institute “Milan Jovanovic Batut” Belgrade

Advice and information on the coronavirus

Serbian Chamber of Commerce info service

Contact: 0800 808 809

Email: covid19@pks.rs

World Health Organization advice for public

World Health Organization travel advice

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informations

Information Points

Serbian Government 

Stay Home Initiative

Q&A Serbian

Q&A English

Serbian Business Register Agency (APR) – important notice

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Business resources

Serbian Government Economy support plan

National Bank of Serbia support plan

Important articles
People operations
Remote working 


  1. Remote Work Emergency Plan (GitLab)
  2. Setting up remote teams (Fast Company)
  3. 15 Questions about Remote Working, Answered (Harvard Business Review)
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work (Zapier)
  5. Remote working when you’re not a remote team (Medium)
  6. How Telecommuting Can Save Your Team: Manage Any Team Remotely (WalkMe)
  7. Transitioning from Offices to Distributed Teams during a Crisis (John O’Duinn) 
  8. Your guide to working remotely in Slack (Slack)
  9. 5 Tips to Tackle Business Challenges in Times of COVID-19 (Dept) 

Tips & Tools 💡 

  1. How to work remotely without losing your mind (Wired) 
  2. Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success [videos] (LinkedIn)
  3. Simple Way To Set Up Virtual Event Registrations (Events.com)
  4. How To Be The Remote Employee That Proves The Stereotypes Aren’t True (Trello)
  5. New to Working from Home? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Meet Like a Pro (Zoom)  
  6. Resources for companies embracing remote work (GitLab)

How are others handling this? 🌎 

  1. Planning and response (Coinbase)
  2. Adapting the way we work when offices need to close (Slack)
  3. Sharing our remote-first processes, tools, and guidelines (Super Evil Megacorp)
  4. No clue how to handle coronavirus as a startup founder? Here’s what we’re doing (The Next Web)
  5. Working together when we’re not together (Google)  

Employees Resources


Virtual tours

Movies and theater performances

Music and concerts


Child education
 Productivity apps and tools
Citizen help

Assistance to neighbours, the elderly vulnerable groups

Free food delivery

  • Cargo contact: 061 17 44 353 i 064 401 78 29

email: pomocnajstarijima@gmail.com (orders from 8am-12pm)

Psychology help – List of over 30 psychologists and therapists available for people affected by the covid19 crisis.

Clinical center of Vojvodina – psychology support service (every day from 8am to 8pm)


  • 066 822 30 82, 
  • 066 822 30 83, 
  • 064 808 35 55, 
  • 064 802 88 98.

Serbia Hacks Corona! – Call to action



STARTUP Support (5min survey) 

Important to note, we are here altogether. This is the time to show our humanity, to stay healthy and safe and to help each other and those who need help the most. This is the time where new business collaboration and opportunities can bloom, we can stay resilient to failure if we are flexible enough to develop a new mindset and adapt to changes. 

If you have any suggestions, something sparked your interest or have a specific question for us, please, feel free to reach out, we are always happy to talk!

Talk to us!!!

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