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Essential event planning tips to follow

Essential event planning tips to follow March 4, 2019Leave a comment
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“Event planning is an easy job” sad no one, never. In fact, organizing event, whether small or medium-sized takes a lot of straight, determination, and what’s more, it takes a lot of mistakes made. We know how hard it is to be in charge of planning and organizing events both international and local. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you some tips on how to make event management easier, less stressful and unforgettable experience. So let’s begin.

First event planning tip we will give you is to plan your time first

Before starting with the event, planning preparation makes sure you’ve organized your time. That means you should structure your day, get rid of unnecessary things from your desk in the office and even making a to-do list. Start from yourself first and then slowly move your focus to the event.

Leave some space to unexpected events

How many times your daily choices change, and you end up with a day turning quite the opposite of what you’ve expected. If you recognize yourself in this scenario (and you probably do) raise your hand. Unexpected things are a normal part of a day; however, if you don’t leave some space for them to happen, you might end up with a problem. By some statistics, nearly half of event organizers say the greatest obstacle to productivity is last-minute requests. So be sure to leave some time for resolving those kinds of things!

Choose the venue smart

Picking a venue for a conference is much more complicated than people think. Besides looking for a venue with an accessible location, good wifi connection and suitable size you need to make sure they won’t cancel you on the last minute. Make a list of venues that fit what you’re looking for and make sure you get some recommendations. Google my business, and various forums can help you achieve that.


Even though event preparation takes a lot of field work, you won’t achieve anything unless you don’t advertise your event. Be sure to make a budget for online promotion. Invest in your website and work on brand awareness. You can even scout some companies online and offer them custom made deals for participating. Make sure you invest as much time in marketing as you’ve spent in event preparation.

Stick to a budget

Nobody likes to spend time over the computer creating spreadsheets and counting costs. No way! However, if you want to organize the event right without falling into debt make sure you know how much you can spend and stick to it!

Make use of the internet

With the internet, it’s never been easier to get the information. You just need to click, and you have it. To market your event, you should use the power of the internet and social media. Make your speakers and participants talk about you, and you can further repost it on your social networks. In the same time, you’re rising brand awareness and event participation!

Find the best people

There are so many events throughout the year. To make yours a success try finding the best people in the niche to talk in it, organize workshops and discussions. We know, it’s a tedious job to make relevant people in the industry to take just your call and accept the invitation and that’s why is important you can give a good overview of your project and offer something better than the competition. Don’t be afraid to be persistent, the luck follows the brave ones!

Final words

Event planning is a stressful and a full-time job. Be persistent and goal oriented and never lose your optimism and determination. Be unique and stick to your ideas. The success will follow!

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