SerbianTech News Is there something called Serbian IT scene?

Is there something called Serbian IT scene?

Is there something called Serbian IT scene? April 8, 2019Leave a comment
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What pops first in your mind when somebody mentions Serbian IT scene? Is there any association or all you can think of is a great outsourcing potential?

There is an ongoing debate on how to improve the position of Serbian IT scene in the world. In a recent Startit’s article, we had a chance to read all about it. They are starting with one shocking and devastating statement. That Serbia is full of talented IT professionals, with a high number of good ideas, however that those ideas are not heard mostly due to lack of funds. Because of this, there’s no significant improvement in positioning Serbia’s IT products worldwide and Serbian tech scene completely relies on its outsourcing potential.

Serbian IT is the greatest product we’re exporting as a country. Even more than vegetables and fruit!

For example, three years ago we were able to export as much as 900 million worth of services. All that helped in decreasing Serbia’s foreign trade deficit greatly. And this situation continues to improve with each year passing.

But are we doing anything except exporting good products?

And the answer is a loud YES! Just because there’s not that many Serbian companies which made it to the top, that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to offer.
To back up this claim we have to mention CouchCoach, which was announced to be among the eight of the most promising European startups. CouchCoach is an app designed for sports fans who want to participate in the game they’re watching actively. Users are, via the app, able to suggest and comment on the coach’s decisions throughout the game. Each proposal is able to score some points if it gets realized during the game, and for the ones who don’t some points get to be lost.

And there’s even more. Companies like Active Collab is who developed their own project management software used more than 50 thousand teams around the globe are not isolated cases.
It’s a long journey for Serbian IT scene, but the progress is palpable. We simply cannot say we do not have anything to offer. All we need is a louder voice and persistence to climb at the top of world’s IT scene.

What can we do?

Even with limited resources, there is a way to make your voice heard. And we know it. With a firm belief, we can help Serbian IT scene more visible we started our own business. Over the years, we noticed they’re not visible enough (or even at all) on prominent tech meetups and conferences. And because we know how staying on budget is essential we decided to offer a custom made solution which saves the budget and has a positive impact on business.
By offering a shared booth experience on the most significant tech events worldwide, Serbian tech actively participates in marketing Serbian startups widely.

Because we understand how much staying on budget is essential we even decided to offer full support before and during conferences. We are entirely dedicated to providing the best possible solution for rising stars of Serbian IT scenes. That’s why we’re completely engaged and involved in offering assistance during prescheduled meetings we have before the conference to maximise the profit.

And it pays off. We have to admit we’re happy our clients are able to see the results of our efforts! And we’re they  think of our engagement as a smart investment in their future. We’re, further, happy to see them grow and exceed their limits and expectations. We are completely aware of the situation on the Serbian IT scene. That’s why we have to say we’re proud to see it grow with each passing year.

Serbian IT scene has a long way to go. But success is achievable. Constant work and dedication will make it work. We’re just happy to go with them towards the same goal.

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