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5 ways to keep your attendees engaged at a live event

5 ways to keep your attendees engaged at a live event March 25, 2019Leave a comment
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We talked so many times about the importance of networking when it comes to attending live events. We even gave you some tips on how to do it in the most effective way! But, things are slightly different when it comes to engaging people in the live event you’re making. Even when the attendees know how much they can benefit from making connections. So, what to do to keep your attendees engaged at a networking event?

1. Listen to your audience

If you’re planning to organize a live event for the first time, or you didn’t see enough interactions in your previous live event, now is the right time to listen to your audience. Add surveys and polls before and even during a live event is something that turned up to be quite useful. You can ask guest which speaker would they like to hear or which topic they would like to discuss. That way you will get a valuable insight into your audience’s interest and there will be some space for improvement, meaning your next live event won’t lack the engagement.

2. Microblogging

Modern-day tempo made us all busy and in a rush to finish our daily chores. Many of us have a long to-do list to carry throughout the day! All that means we have less time to engage in the quality content that is within our reach. However, microblogging is a fantastic opportunity to catch the attention of your audience. If you still don’t know what microblogging is, it’s a brief post, similar to the ones we find on social media. Besides being a good way of staying informed, it’s proven to be an excellent conversation starter.

3. Food

Not every live event has it, but the ones who do are closer to our hart. Budget is something we should all stick to while organizing live events and in most cases, food doesn’t survive to be in it. However, we can tell you with certainty that food is something that should be a part of your live event’s budget if you want to see your participants engaging. Why? Simple enough, food is a great conversation starter. If you decide to listen to our advice be sure to make some space for chatter beside food.

4. Make live event likable, sharable and repostable

When you’re organizing a live event be sure to think about raising awareness about it. And what’s the best way to do it than people posting about it on social media? Make sure you make some social media worthy moments when you’re organizing live events. You can do this by setting up interactive corners, interesting booth stands or even hosting an after party. Make yourself buzz-worthy, think outside of the box.

5. Live event guide

You should always try to offer some quality content to your attendees. Especially if they are coming to your event for the first time. Be sure to map them all the things they should do to make the most out of the game and be sure to make it more personal. Know your audience and use your knowledge smart.

Organizing a live event is never easy. Even the most experienced event planners will tell you that. Keep your cool and follow the tips we gave you to make the most out of the event. And be sure to see your attendees engaged and happy. They will be there next year too.

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