SerbianTech News MTS Edu – Use full potential on the LinkedIn network

MTS Edu – Use full potential on the LinkedIn network

MTS Edu – Use full potential on the LinkedIn network October 19, 2019Leave a comment
MTS Edu zona - Linkedin saveti

What is MTS Edu Zona?

Each month, MTS organizes free educational workshops for business customers with an aim to support the growth of small and medium-sized companies. These workshops are held in their business centers in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

The last October, our founder, Vladimir Jelić had an opportunity to share his knowledge on the topic: ‘’How to use potential on LinkedIn’’. Vladimir was talking, through his own experience, about the personal presence on this popular business platform which counts approximately 600 million profiles. 

What the attendees could learn?

Representatives of Serbian IT companies and other participants learned how to attract clients and successfully collaborate with them, how to interact with them on a daily basis and how to achieve more valuable contacts and improve their businesses. Among other things, he stressed the importance of the LinkedIn network as a tool for targeting the audience correctly. One of the advice was: “If you want to present your company on LinkedIn in the best possible way, the published content should be a mirror of your knowledge, experience, and interests.”

In the end… A huge thank you!

As promoters of the Serban tech community, we are honored when we have the opportunity to share our knowledge with the audience in other industries. We hope that participants in this workshop gained some significant insights that will help them to grow their businesses. 

Thank you, MTS, for having us in your educational program, it was our pleasure.

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