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Presenting Startups: Vacation Tracker

Presenting Startups: Vacation Tracker July 16, 2020Leave a comment
Dashboard of Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker is a Slack-integrated application that lets teams book and manage any type of leave quickly and effectively.

Vacation Tracker’s main focus has always been to be the top web-based leave tracker on the market. With offices in Montreal, Canada and in Belgrade, Serbia, the team is as multicultural as their growing client-list, which includes teams from well-known brand names such as: Nike, IBM, McDonald’s, H&M, American Express, and the list goes on!

As a budding start-up, Vacation Tracker strives to be the simplest, most user-friendly employee attendance tracker for any team.

At the very beginning, the company created their tracking bot simply to solve their own leave management issues. The main problems that Vacation Tracker wanted to solve were:

  • Too Many Logins – They wanted to make an HR solution that would not require an additional user-name or password from their team members.
  • The Complexity of Requesting and Approving Vacations –  Reducing the effort it took to request and track days off
  • Communicating Leave Making sure the whole team knew when people were off or when holidays were coming up in their different offices
  • Visibility & Ease-of-use for Management Managers should easily be able to manage team members, vacation days, sick days and days out of office

Vacation Tracker developed a Slack bot that helps teams schedule leaves in just seconds. Then, these leave requests get sent to an Approver who gets to approve or deny the request, based on the availability and schedules of other team members, without ever leaving Slack. A web-based Administrator Dashboard shows an aggregated view of all current vacation requests. The Vacation Tracker integration is available for Slack and will soon become available for Microsoft Teams.

Dashboard of Vacation Tracker

Dashboard of Vacation Tracker

What are the main benefits of Vacation Tracker? 

Firstly, Vacation Tracker offers a reliable vacation and leave booking solution for any type of business or team. It even works well for teams that work remotely or that are spread across different cities, countries or continents. As for costs, Vacation Tracker is priced at a start-up-friendly rate. Most importantly, Vacation Tracker offers notifications and visibility, so that teams never need to worry about miscommunicating about absences ever again.

Notifications on Vacation Tracker

Notifications on Vacation Tracker

Why Vacation Tracker?

Teams turn to Vacation Tracker for its user-friendly features, reasonable pricing model and customer service. The Vacation Tracker customer service team is a highlight feature of the company. Moreover, the solution is perfect for enterprises who don’t want too many frills. The integration serves a single purpose: to help plan and manage any type of leave. 

Request leave with Vacation Tracker

Request leave with Vacation Tracker

A brief story of Vacation Tracker 

The initial idea for Vacation Tracker was a product of an internal hackathon Cloud Horizon held in December of 2015. At the time, the team had 12 full-time members and it was already becoming a challenge to keep track of employee attendance. And so started the creation of a simple leave management system that 12 people could prototype in a day.

They  ended up building a very crude web-based prototype of Vacation Tracker which more or less had all the basic features the team needed but lacked any polish. However, after the hackathon the idea was shelved.

Then in January of 2018, the team finally grew tired of their internal vacation calendar in Google. They were having serious issues keeping track of allowed leave times. Therefore, they decided to prioritize Vacation Tracker, and make it into the useful tool it is today.

For more on Vacation Tracker’s story, check out this article.

What’s next for Vacation Tracker?

Vacation Tracker’s main goal is to help as many teams as possible to have a clear and coherent leave booking solution.

Vacation Tracker has been Slack-integrated since the beginning. However, a version that is compatible with Microsoft Teams will soon become available, in the second half of 2020. If you want to be notified when Vacation Tracker is available for Microsoft Teams, and be among the first users, you can sign up here.

Vacation Tracker looks to its community of subscribers for improvement opportunities and ideas. One of the key areas of focus for the company in 2020 is integrations. The product development team always strives to know which integrations would be most valuable to teams out there. If you have any feedback, they’ll usually respond quickly: hello@vacationtracker.io.

About the founders and the core team

Lav Crnobrnja: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lavcrnobrnja/

Vacation Tracker was founded by Lav Crnobrnja, who is the CEO and co-founder of the company. He’s got more than 10 years of experience running his first venture, Cloud Horizon, a software company he launched in 2010. During his time as CEO of Cloud Horizon, he had also served as CTO of Tap Medical, a well-funded medical start-up. Nowadays, he’s chosen to devote all of his time to Vacation Tracker, a project that he holds dear. 

Slobodan Stojanovic: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sstojanovic/

Slobodan Stojanovic, CTO and co-founder of Vacation Tracker, is a significant contributor to the Node.js community in Europe and internationally. Having a strong reputation in the tech community is important to the Vacation Tracker team. Slobodan is an AWS Serverless Hero and a published writer on the topic of serverless. Slobodan is the co-author of Serverless Applications with Node.js

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