SerbianTech News What’s it like to work in a startup?

What’s it like to work in a startup?

What’s it like to work in a startup? March 18, 2019Leave a comment

Modern era brought with itself the excessive use of social media channels and internet and profoundly changed the world and its functioning. When we consider all of this, it’s no wonder some changes were made to our work and office life as we traditionally see it. There are fewer 9 to 5 jobs, many of us are remote workers and freelancers and focus shifts from hours to results. We, as workers, are always trying to stay on top of the hiring game and we have to improve ourselves continually. On the other hand, companies are forced to think of all the ways to retain good workers and offer them all kinds of benefits such as Unlimited PTO policy, free beverages, snacks, etc. What really describes the time we live and work in is definitely a startup culture. But what is it like to work in one?

Before you actually start working in a startup

You have to apply to work in one, right? Job descriptions many startups all seem the same. You will, inevitably, in them find common phrases like “casual and fun office environment”, “private health insurance”, “opportunity for advancement“. And the questions you get to answer on the interviews are commonly weird. So don’t be surprised you will have to answer a question about which fictional character you would be and why to determine whether you would be the right fit for the team.

Once in a startup, your job never leaves you

… not even when you go to the office. We think working in a startup can be described by a line Al Pacino says in the third sequel of the “Godfather” – “Just when I think I left, they pull me back in”. In a startup, everything goes so fast, and you need to react to every change as soon as possible. That means you will often stay late at the office  fixing some problem or respond to client’s emails on short notice. If you’re not ready to blur the line between personal and professional time, then startup life is not for you.

You will learn a lot by working in a startup

What’s characteristic for most startups out there is that they usually don’t have enough funds. This means that the budgeting is their first priority. That’s why employees working in them often have to do many things that are not part of their job. However, by multitasking and doing things past your job description you’re actually learning new things which straighten your skills, and ultimately you’re CV.

You will work without supervision

Tired of your manager’s micromanagement? Why don’t you join a startup? The good thing about working in a startup is that most of them trust the decision they made in the hiring process. That means they will undoubtedly believe your competence in doing the job independently. On top of that, nobody has the time to watch over your shoulder regularly. Building trust is significant when it comes to creating a strong bond between employees and a company. On top of that, trusting workers boosts employees engagement.

They love innovation

Most startups build their story around innovation and creative solutions. That’s why your original opinion and strategic thinking is always a good asset to have. If you’re a free-spirited thinker, don’t be afraid to take a leap and apply to a job position in a startup.

Networking is mandatory

It’s always important and crucial to see and hear people from the industry. In that way, you are able to get insights on the newest trends in the niche. That’s why visiting conferences is a must when it comes to working in a startup. Be sure to know how to effectively mingle at conferences and events to get the most out of them.

We hope we gave you some insights on how it is to work in a startup. The modern age has changed us all, and we’re sure to be ready to adjust to those changes. As far as we’re concerned startups are fantastic places to work in right now, what do you think?

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