SerbianTech News How to build a strong brand identity for your business?

How to build a strong brand identity for your business?

How to build a strong brand identity for your business? May 12, 2019Leave a comment
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Having just a great idea was never enough when it comes to turning it into reality. Success requires a whole lot more. You need devotion, persistence, right people who will help you achieve your goals and, first and foremost, a good business plan.

Seems like business owners are prone to making a fatal mistake when launching their brand. They suppose everyone knows what are they up to and understand where they come from. However, that’s totally wrong. In your business journey, people will come and go and you need to retell your story constantly. We will give you a few tips on how to build a strong brand identity among your audience which will help you in retaining them and acquiring new ones.
Make your brand story “easy to digest”

It’s simple enough – humans are natural storytellers, but our attention span is getting weaker and weaker as the years go by. To keep everyone on track, you need to build your brand’s story in a way which will be easy to understand. We don’t say you should make it trivial. It takes time to make something that’s memorable and easy to take, we agree. So, before you even start marketing your product make sure you have a story worth telling, and easy to retell over and over again.

Don’t lose your consistency

Be ready to go as you preach. When it comes to your brand identity make sure you’re actually doing what you’re promising or telling to your customers. Everything other than that is misleading and lying. And nobody likes that. So, if you’re promising to your customers they will get an answer to their query in 2 hours, don’t make them wait past that time period. Make sure you are able to fulfil your promises because that’s the way you’ll make your customers stick to you. Even if there’s someone doing a better job than you, they will be more likely to stay with you because you’ve proved your quality.

Establish yourself in the community

To succeed in making your brand identity strong, you need to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. The best way to do so is by participating in conferences, roundtables and meetups. Leave a room in your budget to book some tickets to the prestigious conferences and make sure you apply to lead some panels, teach and present your product.
Besides that, taking a booth stand might help you boost your visibility and acquire future employees.

We know there’s a lot to take in when it comes to participating in conferences and that’s why we decided to help companies do just that effortlessly. With our experience, taking part in those events will seem seamlessly easy and you’ll have enough time to do what you do best – show your passion for the product you’re making. For the ones who still cannot find a way to make a budget for it, we have a cheaper solution too! We’re all about helping you succeed and we’ll do our best to make you happy. If you think we could help you, please contact us here.

Be fun

Nobody is perfect, people know it, and they actually like when they see their favourite brand shows their “human side’’. Take an example from IKEA which was able to make an awesome campaign out of the misspelt copy on Facebook. What we want to say is that you should aim towards providing the best service possible, but don’t stress about some mishaps that will come along the way. Take them gracefully and don’t make false excuses. Be honest with your customers and they will appreciate it.

Building a strong brand identity

… is not easy. We know it. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it. But it’s far from impossible. Look at the tips we gave you and go through them. Make sure you have everything covered. And give us a shout if you need help. We would like to be a part of your story as well.

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