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The most promising startups in the world

The most promising startups in the world April 4, 2019Leave a comment
the most promising startups

Startup culture changed us greatly. A and the consequences of those changes we feel in so many ways. The working environment is definitely not the same. The usual 9 to 5 workdays are over, and there’s a change in how we take our vacation days too! Unlimited PTO policy, remote work, and conveniences like free gym memberships and snacks would be impossible without startup culture. We wanted to pay respect to grow startup culture and decided to make a list of most promising startups in the world. So, let’s go!

When you think about the most promising startups, you think FRONTE

Emails are a significant part of our workday, and quite frankly, we don’t know how would we function without them. Yes, software like Slack and Asana made our day to day communication with the team and the clients so much easier. However, email managed to remain the first line of communication. Front wanted to make a change in how teams were functioning and developed a shared inbox platform. It’s bringing together all the channels we use during our workday such as email, slack and social media at one place. And they are doing good! They are 5 years old and counting, and their CEO raised near 7 million dollars multiple investors in a Series B funding round.

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Did you watch Back to the future? Because we did, and in fact, we have to admit we’re fans of this genre.
We always imagined our cars from the future, and we’re happy someone works into making this a reality. The AI company Five AI is aiming to transform European cities for safer, driverless cars. For almost ten months they collected data about the behaviours of road users to help change how we ride.


Travelling to a foreign country can be stressful. Even when you’re only going for a vacation. Just think about it – culture can be shocking, unknown language too. Sometimes all of this can be overwhelming. This is why a tech startup TRAVIS tried to change some things. Their app translates over 80 languages for you. Amazing, isn’t it?


This is for all cat lovers out there! If you have a cat, then you know how unnerving can be to clean their litter box. Sometimes we need to do it several times in the day. However, with Footloose cleaning, the litter box is fast and easy, and it only lasts for 90 seconds! And that’s not all! It’s a self-cleaning litter box that is tracking the health of critter by measuring its amount and the time cat needs to do it!  This is simply purrrtastic!


Since we’re little everybody was warning us about the importance of taking care of our oral hygiene. And we cannot deny the fact that having beautiful, healthy and robust teeth is not attractive. Quip decided to make this one easy and more accessible to everyone. They made an electronic toothbrush and toothpaste! How awesome is that!

Few words before we say goodbye

And we came to an end of our list. We offered you five most promising startups in the world that are continuing to amaze us with its innovative ideas. We sure do think our world will look much different in the following years, especially when we see how it has changed so far. We’ll keep enjoying this crazy ride to see what will happen next!



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