SerbianTech News Webiz Novi Sad 2019 event overview

Webiz Novi Sad 2019 event overview

Webiz Novi Sad 2019 event overview June 19, 2019Leave a comment
Webiz Edu 2019 Novi Sad session

Webiz Novi Sad 2019 Edu brought practical knowledge to the business side of IT.

You all already know we are a bit crazy about the events. We are not trying to just partner up with the organizations in charge of the best events in the country as well as worldwide. After Zrenjanin a few months ago, a hometown of Webiz, we had a pleasure to attend Webiz Edu Novi Sad 2019. It is an educational event full of inspiring and practical keynote talks and panel discussions.

Digital transformation or the Ability to change

This was the first edition of Webiz in Novi Sad, and we had an amazing and cozy time in Sheraton hotel where the conference was held.

Everybody is talking about digital transformation. Corporations and companies, startups and scaleups, IT and every other industry are running to innovate and disrupt the workplace as we know it. Adapting to the changes brought by the new era is not easy, but it is possible if the key stakeholders are armed with the knowledge and environment of experts who will guide them through a process of transformation with a safe path.

Among key stakeholders for this transition are company managers, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, and everyone who wants to see their business from a new angle, find new opportunities for development, improvement, and savings in everyday work.

If you get into the slogan a bit – “7H3 4B1L17Y 70 CH4NG3”, it may become clear what message organizers sent to all the attendees of the Webiz Edu event. When you consider the ability to adapt to change and think of all the companies that have not only survived the Fourth Industrial Revolution but have made progress using its potentials, the thing becomes crystal clear. Digital transformation is a reality, and no activity can avoid this change, but must adapt to it if it wants to continue to compete in an increasingly competitive market. Ignoring the reality and new technologies that erase the differences between digital, analog and biological, is much riskier than the risk of entering the digital transformation process.

Who was on Webiz Edu 2019 Novi Sad

We had the pleasure of not only listen to but have a chance to personally meet some of the biggest names of the Serbian tech scene and IT companies. Some of them are TeleGroup, IBM, MK Group, Digital Serbia Initiative, Telekom Serbia, Netokracija, Microsoft, 30 Hills, Nova iskra, Pausal, Societe General Bank Serbia, ICT Hub, and many others.

We were thrilled for the opportunity to hold several meetings during the event which saved us a lot of time to separately visit each of the companies, organizations, and representatives.

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