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5 questions for… Danijela Golic

5 questions for… Danijela Golic February 15, 2021Leave a comment
Danijela Golic on podcast "5 questions for..."

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About Danijela Golic

Danijela Golić was born in 1978 in Belgrade. She graduated from the 10th Belgrade Gymnasium. After finished high school, she attended Singidunum University – Department of Accounting and Auditing.

She is the founder of several businesses, the vice president of the Section for Women’s Entrepreneurship, as well as a licensed trainer for
Strategies and planning on social networks.

She opened the first company – Lei Youth Cooperative in 2001. The youth cooperative deals by employing pupils and students. The next business – Beauty Salons Wizard started in 2004. Today, the salons operate in 7 locations and have over 200 employees.

CPA Solution was launched in 2014 as a company engaged in digital marketing, bookkeeping, and business support.

She joins the Section for Women’s Entrepreneurship of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in 2018. Already in November in 2019, she was elected vice president – based on her great engagement in the Section – launching numerous projects and Magazine Section.

In February 2020, Danijela will launch the Women’s Leaders Summit. The summit arose as an idea to women to provide support in terms of education, networking, and information on all those resources that are available to them available for business financing. The first Women’s Leaders Summit was organized as a two-day conference.
The host of the same was the hotel “Fruške terme” in Vrdnik. It brought together over 200 women professionals who are in for two days they had the opportunity to participate in numerous talks, lectures, and panels. They had a chance to exchanging experiences with women with similar entrepreneurial goals and sharing innovations in business. Today, the Women’s Summit is a leading platform that brings together over 600 women from the region. That shows the best humanitarian action organized in December. As part of the action, we collected 600 packages for ours the youngest in 10 cities in Serbia.
After the Women’s Leaders Summit, in April 2020, Daniela was a speaker at a world virtual conference – Women in marketing. As the only woman from Serbia, she had the pleasure of being in the company women who are marketing directors of companies like IBM, CBS, MTV, and La Lakers, and to share with them experiences related to its Summit.

In September 2020, Danijela started the Academy in cooperation with the Skills, a company that has been educating employees for 24 years. The training of the Academy is intended for women who recognize the importance of education as a basis for a successful business. During the two months of the Academy, over 150 women attended 10 different pieces of training: Leadership Skills, Public Speaking, Assertive Communication, Change Management, Business Resilience, Social Media Strategy and Planning, Consulting Sales, Finance and Law, Business English, and Time management and goal setting. In January 2021, she was invited to be the Ambassador for Serbia of the Woman Leadership and Empowerment Conference (WLEC). This appointment primarily means expanding the activity of promoting women
entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment through a series of new projects that we plan around the world, but also virtual programs to reach our mission to as many women as possible.

In March 2021, she will launch a Mentoring Program that is intended for all those entrepreneurs who want to improve their business knowledge and skills. This will also be an opportunity to meet and connect with women of similar entrepreneurial goals. The program will start in March and will last until the end of April. The topics of these sessions will be “soft skills” and digital marketing. The mentors of the program are women professionals with over 10 years of experience in the business.

Also, Daniela will be a guest at another virtual conference, which will be held from March, 8th to 10th. It is the World Leader Summit – Women’s League where the guests will be HRH Swati Dlamini Mandela (entrepreneur and humanitarian speaker, granddaughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela). HRH Prince Lorenzo de Medici (founder of Medici International Bank), Arashi Ayub Zaveri (CEO of Trust with Trade, advisor to the UAE royal families).

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