SerbianTech News 5 questions for… Dusan Basalo

5 questions for… Dusan Basalo

5 questions for… Dusan Basalo April 5, 2021Leave a comment

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About Dusan Basalo

Dušan Basalo has a degree in economics, but he has been in HR throughout his career, especially in Learning and Development. He currently holds three positions: CEO in Talks and Folks, Senior Partner in Atria Group, and Chief Digital Learning Designer in Generation Zeal.

At the beginning of his career, he worked in the NGO sector, specifically on the introduction of parliaments in high schools, and then he switched to HR consulting. After that, he switched to banking, also in the HR position at Erste bank. In 2011, he founded the Atria Group with a business partner, and today it’s one of the strongest consulting companies in Southeast Europe. In 2020, he launched two companies:

–          Talks and Folks, a management agency that represents the most successful people who want to be mentors or speakers, and offers them to the market and the people who need them;

–          Generation Zeal, which deals with platforms for digital learning and human development.

At the end of 2015, he received the award – for the Best Young Manager in Serbia (second award). In February 2017, he was elected a member of the board of the Serbian Association of Managers.

He has the most knowledge and experience in people and company development, communication, giving presentations, networking and negotiation.

Dušan also had his restaurant for a while, and he started the project out of curiosity. However, the restaurant was on the water and opened a month before the biggest flood in Serbia. After five months, there was a new flood, and the restaurant was soon closed. He met a completely different type of business, gained exciting experience, but he realized that the world was not close enough for him. Since then, he has enjoyed himself even more as a restaurant guest than was the case before.

At the upcoming FIRST LEGO League competition, he will be a referee for core values – ​​and with his knowledge and experience, he will contribute to the competition and give guidelines to young competitors.

He loves scale modeling very much – it calms him down and keeps him focused. Lately, he has become more and more interested in driving drones, especially racing ones.

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5 questions for supported by Epson 5 pitanja za... is filmed in Nova Iskra Assert Pro Serbia logo

5 questions for supported by Epson 5 pitanja za... is filmed in Nova Iskra Assert Pro Serbia logo

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