SerbianTech News 5 questions for… Maja Zikic

5 questions for… Maja Zikic

5 questions for… Maja Zikic May 25, 2020Leave a comment
Maja Zikic on SerbianTech podcast

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About Maja Zikic

Maja Zikic is a Brand and Innovation expert. She is specialized in EU funding and has in-depth know-how and experience of national and international grant programmes, including Cascade Funding mechanism.

She began her career in the AgTech sector, supporting business development, market positioning, and commercialization activities of growth-oriented startups and (co)founders in Southeast Europe. Today, at F6S – where founders grow together, she uses her business insight, tech-savviness, and commitment to excellence to develop immersive acceleration experiences for Europe’s most innovative SMEs – through the lens of business, with technology as its enabler.

Among the many different types of funding that innovators can find under the Horizon 2020 Programme, cascade funding or Financial Support for Third Parties (FSFTP) is for sure among the most attractive ones. Cascade funding is a European Commission mechanism aimed at supporting SMEs and startups in developing and implementing innovative digital solutions – via acceleration, incubation, and mentoring programs (usually equity-free).

Horizon 2020 allocates almost 800 mln EUR in cascade funding calls.

This podcast will give an overview of H2020 Cascade Funding opportunities, background information, and support available for both Serbian and European organizations.

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