SerbianTech News 5 questions for… Nevena Jankovic

5 questions for… Nevena Jankovic

5 questions for… Nevena Jankovic March 8, 2021Leave a comment
Nevena Jankovic guest on "5 pitanja za..." podcast

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About Nevena Jankovic

Nevena Janković has been working as a business development associate in the Science and Technology Park Belgrade for almost three years. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. She actively supports the development of startups through constant support, creation, and implementation of acceleration programs, and on the other hand, the support of growing companies that develop innovations.

Her professional path began in a student organization that she believes is the best way to develop students’ abilities. In the last years of her studies, she joined the blockchain startup Decenter, where she worked part-time. That was the first time she met the startup world, disruptive technology, and a completely different way of functioning as a team – which consisted exclusively of tech-oriented people.

At the end of last year, she was a speaker for the Raising Starts accelerator program. It’s the first program on the Serbian market that brings professional and financial support to startup teams and companies – in the early stages of development for accelerated development of innovative products and services without ownership participation, which was initiated by the Science and Technology Park Belgrade.

Nevena’s focus is on building startup ecosystems and supporting innovation. Through the Science and Technology Park Belgrade, more than 100 startup companies and teams have been supported so far, several accelerator programs have developed with international partners, and on the other hand, support programs for developed companies.

Last year, during quarantine, she started a small business with her best friend. These are self-adhesive frames – Pictico, which doesn’t damage surfaces. It allows you to modify the layout of the gallery from scratch. For her, it is a new challenge and a source of inspiration.

She is a big fan of chocolate and exploring foreign cultures.

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