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5 useful bots for startups

5 useful bots for startups May 24, 2019Leave a comment

If you’re working in a startup, then you know how much time is important. You’re forced to multitask constantly and often happens you have to do some things that are not even in your scope of work. However, we’re sure you know this makes you a better employee and gives you valuable skills for later advancement.

That’s why we decided to give you the list of 5 useful bots for startups which will make your workday so much easier.


If you’re aiming towards making a strong team which works together in unison, then Donut is a Slackbot you need to install ASAP. It randomly matches the people from a team making stronger bonds between them.



We cannot highlight enough the importance of good communication. To make things run smoothly you need to have it at work and in personal life. And, along with good communication, power of feedback goes too. CareerLark is an amazing tool you can use on your Slack channel where your team gets all the know-how on their performance.



With the rise of social media channels, customers became much needier then they were ever before. They want the answers to their questions immediately, and if they don’t get them they will go elsewhere. We need to be careful when we’re trying to gain new customers and retain the existing ones by offering them an immediate response to their questions and maintain our first appearance. Driftbot helps us do that by automating our interactions with customers and offering them a guidance, without you attending their needs immediately.



Working in a startup means you will have to present your idea quite often. Pitchbot is a bot that helps you prepare for it by offering you a standard list of questions you will might be asked.


Image result for obie bot

Obie will help you trough the important employee onboarding process. It offers new employees documents they need to do in order to do their job. Also, it will help new employee get familiar with the new surroundings by answering questions that start with Who, What and How.

Have you any suggestion?

We tried to make you a list of most useful bots that will help you excel your work. But, we don’t mind hearing for another ones too! Share wit us your expirience!


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