SerbianTech News How do you experience CSR?

How do you experience CSR?

How do you experience CSR? May 4, 2020Leave a comment
Young Serbian talents play instruments

What is CSR for you?

We all know what that means but what’s really behind these words?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a marketing tool or surplus funds in a budget or supporting some charity project and that’s it. Rather, it would involve integrating the company into society in a socially responsible way.

Serbian Tech is an organization that loves to give back to the community. We don’t see CSR as a responsibility, it’s more the love of giving and creating a culture of helping others.

Vladimir Jelic with Milos Pesic founder of Foundation 1%

Vladimir Jelic with Milos Pesic founder of Foundation 1%

This summer we had a great honor to meet team members of Foundation 1%. If you haven’t heard of them yet they are a young foundation who has a mission and a vision for good.

Their mission is to support young talents in Serbia to discover and achieve their ideas and potential, and their vision is to create a better society together.

We instantly fell in love with their idea and wanted to know more.
When they started they just had an idea and a strong desire to change the world step by step. Now they are celebrating 1st birthday and year of successful work and many realized projects.

During the last year, we supported their work through donations and promotion and we are always here and open to give advice and support to initiatives in their work and further development. And just take a look at all the success our young talents had from various areas of science during the year

In December, we all celebrated their 1st birthday and it was astonishing!
They gathered quite a few young talents from Serbia with whom they worked during the year, all friends, partners, and donors who have been there to support their work. Being part of this event, or better say the community of good people was such an amazing feeling.

SerbianTech during Foundation 1% gala evening

SerbianTech during Foundation 1% gala evening

Meeting all these talented kids who are geniuses in technology, chemistry, math, robotics, and many other areas give you the motivation and need to do more for them, because they are the future of Serbia, they are our future society.
We have met many people who are aware of the importance of education and how little we invest in improving it. That’s the reason more why we plan to continue the path of education in the IT industry, even for our youngest.

December was a month of celebration and a month of giving. Try to give as much as you can to your loved ones, people in need but also talented people who will keep moving us forward.

And celebrate, life, each day and appreciate your possibility to give and help others, that’s everyday life CSR.

Happy people on Foundation 1% gala evening

Happy people on Foundation 1% gala evening

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