SerbianTech News Presenting startup: Databox

Presenting startup: Databox

Presenting startup: Databox June 23, 2021

Databox is a platform for business analytics. Combines and centralizes data from different tools – in one place.

Founders and headquarters of the company

This startup was created in Slovenia back in 2011. Founders are Davorin Gabrovec and Vlada Petrović. The company location is in Ptuj, and there is a branch in Boston.

This team consists of over 70 employees, and 18 of them are from Serbia.

The Databox platform is currently using over 120,000 users.

How can Databox help?

The Databox is used to monitor all aspects of the business. Whether it’s marketing, sales, or finance – you’ll have a great ally.

You can create various business reports and track the performance of the entire business. You can also specify campaigns. Provides the ability to create marketing campaign reports by combining Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Semrush, and the like.

When you create dashboards in the Databox that you need to track your business, the reporting process is automated and updated almost in real-time.

You can follow the reports via your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or TV.

Do I need special skills to handle the platform?

No, everything works on a drag-and-drop basis. There are over 3000 ready-made metrics, over 70 integrations, and over 200 dashboard templates on the platform. These templates are free and allow you to enter your data into them. You can also further customize them to your needs (from appearance to color change).

It is easy to use, and you do not need any prior knowledge or specific skills, such as programming.

Is Databox for you?

Databox is the right solution for you if you are a company that:

– Wants to gain insight into the processes of his business

– Wants to identify new earning opportunities

– Strive to improve the efficiency of the business in the company

– Does not want to waste time on “manual” preparation of the report

– Wants to create better preconditions for systematic and efficient business planning.

The goal of this tool is to make it easier for companies to monitor, analyze, and perform business.

Why choose Databox?

Because they are constantly working on integrating new tools. They recently added Google Analytics 4, and the focus this year is on enabling CDR (custom date ranges) on existing integrations. You can leave your suggestions or read all the plans for changes via this link.

Those are some more benefits that we highlight:

– Databox has a free-forever account (not free-trial) that allows you to connect data from 3 different tools and create up to 3 control panels 

– More affordable prices 

– Likeable visualizations 

– Fast response when it comes to customer support.

See for yourself the benefits they offer through their website.

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