SerbianTech News Presenting startup: Machine Can See

Presenting startup: Machine Can See

Presenting startup: Machine Can See June 3, 2021
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Machine Can See – is a startup from Novi Sad, founded in 2019. Their deep learning software enables them to automatically extract 3D models of the entire scene at a level of detail that was previously unattainable, which is accurate in terms of the size of the focus objects present in the scene, their relative position, and distance between them.

Machine Can See uses Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to create solutions that help improve efficiency in retail, transportation, and video surveillance.

Computer Vision is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how computers can gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos.

Founders of Mchine Can See startup

The founders of this startup are Vladan Damjanović (founder and CEO) and Dr. Srđan Vukmirović (founder and CTO).

Vladan has founded three companies and successfully managed more than 100 projects. Before founding MCS, he worked for a New York-based startup where he helped develop a platform that is fully automating the on-street parking lifecycle using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Banking from Alfa BK University in Belgrade, Serbia.

Expertise: Business Development, Startups, Fundraising, Strategic Thinking, Growth Hacking, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Smart Parking, IoT, and UI/UX. 

Srđan has 18 years of experience in the ICT industry as a software developer, architect, and project management. He has more than 70 scientific papers, from which 15 are published in leading international journals in Computer Science. He is a Ph.D. Associate Professor in the Computer and control department at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia. 


The solutions offered by Machine Can See startup are:

  • Next-Gen Video Surveillance
  • Fleet Safety Camera – FSC
  • Parking Occupancy
  • Cashier & Customer Evaluation

Next-Gen Video Surveillance

Revolutionary AI technology. It allows camera devices to understand their environment better than ever before using artificial intelligence. It is available on Edge and Cloud.

Fleet Safety Camera 

It is a Driving Camera with embedded Artificial Intelligence that uses Computer Vision to predict and prevent road crashes. When installed in a vehicle, the device automatically detects risky driving in real-time. Using its built-in forward and backward camera, together with a combination of sensors, in an incident, the device will warn the driver, capture the event video and send it to MCS Cloud servers. It’s perfect for Trucks, Buses, Vans, and Light Commercial Vehicles.

Parking Occupancy

Did you know that up to 40% of traffic represents people driving around, looking for parking spaces? Machine Can See offers a solution with real-time occupancy information. They use custom-built, easy to install, outdoor-ready cameras with built-in AI Accelerators that use Computer Vision to understand parking occupancy. With the 10W solar panel and 10Ah battery, their Parking Camera can work independently without any outer powering. Monitor up to 300 parking spots with one camera.

Cashier & Customer Evaluation

They use Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to observe cashier and customer interaction to support and enhance cashier hospitality and service. Our advanced analytics for retailers and hospitality businesses allow for sales optimization and customer satisfaction processes to increase customer retention rates and revenue.

Cashier behavior

  • Smiling
  • Angry
  • Nervous
  • Calm / Neutral
  • Sad
  • Sleepy-Fatigued
  • Drunk
  • Avg. interaction duration
  • Responsiveness

For costumers, it recognizes correlating behavior, returning customer, gender, and age.


Machine Can See is headquartered in Novi Sad, with offices in Dubai. You can visit their website for more information.


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